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Fayette County EMS

Proudly Serving the Residents and Visitors of Fayette County Since 1976

Fayette County EMS is a progressive, third-service, governmental EMS agency based in La Grange, Texas. In addition to our headquarters in La Grange, we have stations in Fayetteville, Flatonia, Round Top (opening soon) and Schulenburg. We have a dedicated team of just under 40 clinicians and an array of state of the art equipment.

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Station Locations

Station 1  

Station 2

Station 3

Station 4

Station 6

1721 N Von Minden St. La Grange, TX 

Fayetteville Volunteer Fire Department

213 N Market St. Flatonia, TX

115 College St. Schulenburg, TX

Round Top - Warrenton Volunteer Fire Dept.

Apparatus and Equipment

  • We Operate a Mixed Fleet of Frazer and Demers Type 1 Ambulances with Stryker PowerLoad Stretcher Systems.

  • Fully Functional Squad Vehicles

  • Event Medical ATV with Patient Treatment Bed

  • Medical Equipment:

    • Lucas 3, Mechanical CPR​

    • LifePak 15 Monitors

    • Sapphire Infusion Pumps

    • McGrath Mac Video Laryngoscopy

    • Zoll Transport Ventilators

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Community Support

Maintaining the Public's Trust

We take every opportunity that we can to be active members of our community and to educate our stakeholders on what EMS does in the community and where we aim to be. Our community pays that back to us ten-fold in the support that they give us!

Special Events

Visiting Events Present ...........

Some Examples of the Events Provide Service to:

Rodeos, Antique Fairs, Bicycle Rides, Fairs and Festivals and much more!

Our Philosophy

Unique Perspectives, Common Priorities

Our first priority is and always will be to obtain the best possible outcomes for our patients. We believe that by fostering a healthy environment centered on teamwork, we position ourselves well to take on the inevitable growth that we face. By working hand and hand with our fellow public servants and county officials and by working hard to be good stewards of our taxpayer dollars, we can maintain a high level of public trust and satisfaction that will enable us to provide excellent patient and customer care.

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